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SaRa Technique

Transforming the trauma that traps the heart.

  • 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Varied Prices
  • Solamente Holistic Health

Service Description

The SaRa technique is a journey back to our hearts. In the heart, we shed the armor that separates us from our true selves, each other, and the Divine. Here we discover and join the parts of ourselves that had been lost. Is it mu experience, that the divine masculine and the divine feminine comes together in a union that transcends duality and births hierogamy, the sacred marriage. After many millenniums of collective trauma and amnesia, humas are at last waking up to who we truly are and remembering our diving heritage. You emerge from the SaRa experience with elements of a higher consciousness and a reawakened sense of your authentic being. Heart by heart, this inner healing effects powerful transformation within ourselves, our partnerships, our communities, our nations and our world. Experience ancient Egyptian healing practices through our provider, Melinda Arnolds, SaRa Technique. It resonates with cranial-sacral and polarity therapies. It involves placing the hands over the heart and other Chakara's and using the practitioner’s intention and the person’s willingness to remove the coverings over the seals of trauma from the heart to effect healing. This healing helps reconcile and unite one’s inner masculine and feminine, paving the way for sacred marriage. This is a two-part series for people coming together to open their heart charka first and then going on an inner vision quest to understand and listen to what their Spirit is saying. This technique was formulated based on the Merkaba that has been alluded to in the bible and other religious works. This has also been the work of Omm Sety who was asked by Egyptologists to find lost cities and artifacts in Nekken, since she was proficient in the ancient healing practices of the Mer-Ka-Ba. In this workshop we will prepare people to do their ow vision quest with this very of having the heart's desire to understand and unify their ra's. Stage One is the Mer to open your heart, to have the desire to release the pain that has been sealed there for thousands of years. Stage Two is the Ka’s. There are two known spirit bodies of the Ka’s. One that keeps us alive, and another known as our higher conscious self. Stage Three is the Ba, or the soul. Using tuning forks, oils and intention we bring together the Merkaba. Through stage one and two we will bring our spirit together through our open heart to produce our soul.

Contact Details

  • Solamente Holistic Health, Lomas Boulevard Northwest, Albuquerque, NM, USA

    (505) 247-7492

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