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Emma Gamelsky

Therapist, LMSW

I believe each of us holds an innate capacity for healing, given a supportive environment for the process to unfold. As a therapist, I assist clients in doing the deep work to uncover root causes of current patterns, as well as finding practical strategies to mitigate everyday stress.  I strive to create a space of non-judgment, trust, and creative exploration.  I bring a background in Ayurvedic medicine, fine art, perinatal health, and community-based participatory research.

As a social worker, I not only consider the individual but also the intersecting systems impacting one's life, family, and larger community. Depending on the needs of each client, I utilize various therapeutic frameworks, especially focusing on attachment theory, somatic psychology, motivational interviewing, IFS, trauma-informed care, healing through creative arts, and play therapy.  I enjoy working with all ages. 

Emma Gamelsky
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