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Madison Christine

Therapist, MA, LMHC

I am passionate about growth and the process of freeing oneself from old programmings, abuses, and paradigms that keep people small and oppressed. My passion stems from waking up out of religious, familial and systematic abuse and discovering a whole new way of life free of old judgements, shame and suffering. My work is done from a place of deep integrity; fierce and gentle and deeply empowering.

I educate on Trauma and it's deep impact on our lives and the reasons why we find ourselves in repeat and stuck patterns of pain and suffering; whether it be relationships, career, finances, health, etc. It is NOT your fault. We must be educated to understand and get to the core of any trauma that is causing repeat patterns of suffering, lack, heartache, etc. Once this is unlocked, the issues of anxiety, depression, panic, PTSD, addictions, mind obsessions, eating disorders, relationship issues and so on can start to truly heal.

I have a solid 10 years of clinical experience working with all ages, cultural backgrounds, and sexual preferences including addictions work, crisis work, family systems, leadership and court system work and private practice experience. I offer Holistic and psycho-educational videos at no cost to empower and educate.

I work profoundly with highly sensitive beings and empaths and have a deep understanding due to my own sensitivities and gifts in this area. I have a high success rate with teens and young adults as a result. I am LGBTQ friendly and work with highly creative beings seeking relief from anxiety and depression issues, exploration of gender and sexuality, greater freedom and clarity, and a desire to materialize their dreams.

Madison Christine
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