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Nathan Allan Leach

Counselor, MS, LMHC

Committed to social change through harm reduction informed care, Nathan has provided a variety of therapeutic interventions to address drug use, depression, anxiety, and traumatic experiences to those made vulnerable by policy and ideologically driven disparities. Early in their therapeutic profession, Nathan began building a critical analysis of mental health aimed to center an embodied and relational approach to therapy that understands human subjectivity as shaped by our social, political, and economic situations. Nathan’s paramount goal in therapy is to promote empowerment and coproduce a grounded and embodied therapeutic relationship that forms the foundation for people to thrive despite the pressures of harmful societal norms.        

Using an interdisciplinary approach to therapy, Nathan employs critical theory, affective neuroscience, and somatically based narrative interventions to address the concerns of clients living in uncertain times aggravated by a multiplicity of crises. This approach includes both cognitive and somatic intervention but remains grounded in harm reduction-informed anti-racist, and gender and sexuality-inclusive praxis.

Nathan Allan Leach
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